4 Pic 1 Word

4 Pic 1 Word

Date added: 10/03/2018

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There’s no denying that word guessing games are very fun, attractive and sometimes addicting. They arouse the players' curiosity with enigmatic puzzles and then requires you to use your head to think and find out the right answer. And these are the things that you will experience with 4 Pic 1 Word at www friv 4 school.com today. According to the rule of the game, you have to guess one word according to the four given pictures.


The pictures will express something in common. Your task now is to observe and figure out that things and then form a correct word. Therefore, a logical mind is very necessary. In addition, a large vocabulary can help you much, for example, you can reply more quickly when you have the word in your mind. It’s interesting that you are enabled to try another answer freely after you got a wrong one, but you can’t go to the next puzzle until you get the right one.


There are altogether 30 levels for you to challenge. Let’s go to the end of the game. You can invite your friend join with you for more efficient and more fun, too. This game is really a good chance for you to exercise your brain and also gives you much new useful knowledge.


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How to play? Use your mouse to form the correct words.

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