Afterlife: The Game

Afterlife: The Game

Date added: 28/06/2018

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Welcome to the strange zone of the undead, Afterlife: The Game. In this game at fruiv, you will control a ghost and your task is save ghosts as well as humans in the afterlife. All for your entertainment, beat the hostile creatures and do some crazy stuff in the afterlife! This game suitable for all ages, especially children and families. 


This game has many different missions and each mission is a challenge for you. Attempt to complete all these challenges. If you fail, a terrible scene will happen. First, you will you control the ghost flying through a road with strange objects. At the end of the road is the light where you will start your new adventure. With each mouse click, the Ghost will fly up a little, then fall down. If you touch obstacles on the road like trees, spiders, water, etc, then you will lose.


In addition, you will must protect an old lady. Here at friv online Games for kids, drag the Ghost to block the knives, darts, ninjas, porcupines and so on that are flying to the old man from different directions. After that, you will have to take revenge on a man and you will help a boy play video games ... The game has a lot of interesting things are waiting for you to explore.


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Game controls:


Use the mouse to control

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