Balcony Diving

Balcony Diving

Date added: 23/04/2018

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Balcony Diving is an physics-based ragdoll arcade game at friv 2. Who doesn't love Balcony Diving? It's the ultimate summer-vacation extreme-sport worldwide, and you can now enjoy it from wherever you are. Your goals is to jump from a balcony and land safely in the pool, while hitting as many bonuses as possible like floaters and other divers. 


This game features dangerous acts that should not be attempted in real life; but in the game at friv 3 school, complete your dive with some wonderful tricks, such as flips, extended air-time, and the only thing to consider is not to jump into the crocodiles mouth. You will be able to make it alright and that you'll proceed to the next level without any trouble. 


Choose your direction and strength - If you jump into the water unharmed, your balcony will get higher, and the higher the balcony is, the better for you. Since that will allow you to preform crazy tricks. Show off your extreme driving skills. Conquer the diving world one balcony at a time! Have fun!


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Game controls:


Use your mouse to navigate

Use left mouse bButton to Select / Interact / Drag and release to jump

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