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Rating: 0.3% 2 votes is a new io game about fidget spinners at friv 4 school Games for kids. The game is similar to Agario, but it is original and attractive. Start spinning, become the fastest and largest spinner. Can you create an epic fidget spinner that destroys all other opponent’s? is perfect for the fans of spinners and new io games. In this multiplayer friv online game, control a fidget spinner and your mission is  to become the biggest spinner. As you move around the playing field, you must devour the multi-colored circles by hovering over them. For example, there are some unexpected moments, when the spinner is broken into pieces after the collision with a prickly circle. In the each circle, you devour will increase your spinner’s size and mass. Watch out for other player’s spinners. If you come into contact with them, you will be destroyed! Watch out for viruses from other players. Try to keep moving at all times to avoid becoming an easy target.


To gain weight: Absorb colored dots. Small spinners that are flying randomly and other players. In order to expand the territory, you can divide your spinner into smaller ones, after some time, small spinners will join into the bigger one again. Therefore, other players may absorb you, until it happens. In addition, you can always run into a big prickly circle. If you absorb this circle, the big spinner will be divided into smaller ones. 


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Game controls:


Mouse - move

Space - Split forward

W key - Shoot virus

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