Beauty Resort

Beauty Resort

Date added: 31/03/2018

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Beauty has always been one of the areas that many people love and care about. In particular, beauty also help people become more beautiful and love more life. With Beauty Resort game at free friv, you will have the chance to become a professional staff in a famous spa in the world. Your main mission is to serve all customers who come to your spa to take care of their bodies and face.


It is ominous! Because the other employees are out of work today for a variety of reasons. So you will have to manage the spa alone in today. However, this task is not easy because many customers will visit your spa at all times. Each customer has different requirements and interests. So you need to know the different needs of them and serve them in the best way at online friv Games.


Warning! You will have to serve many customers in the same time. You need to quickly observe the customers and know their requirements when coming to your spa. Then you take them to the beauty service as per their requirements and serve them in the best professional way.


Don’t let your customers wait the long time because they will become angry and leave your spa. After you have finished serving the guests, you will collect money and serve the next guests. Customers have started to visit your spa. Hurry to serve customers! Besides, you also can explore more with Cafe Panic Tiny Town at

Game controls:

Controls: Serve your customers by using the mouse on the computer.

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