Bloody Harry

Bloody Harry

Date added: 27/06/2018

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Bloody Harry is a straight forward hit 'em up game with almost unlimited levels that you can play here on frive games online. This game is for the casual action gamer. The insane cook is on the hunt for vegetable-zombies to make delicious meals. Take part in Bloody Harry on his hunt for vegetable-zombies! 


Bloody Harry free online at friv 2 is a zombie warrior, however he's not like any other hero looking to destroy zombies, his motivation is slightly different. There's a neverending supply of Weapons. Ammo and reasons to chop. Smash and shoot them into pieces. While you fight your way through the hordes of foul creatures, eventually you'll climb the career ladder in the global highscore list. In addition, you will also run into giant boss-zombies which may eat all your ammo before they finally make a return as harmless dessert.


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◉ A endless fun

◉ 20 weapons, additional upgrades

◉ Powerups like armor, allies and more

◉ Awesome Music and Sound FX

◉ Fully voiced, fun comments from the Cook

◉ Tons of Missions and Rewards

◉ Level Ups and Perks to choose

Game controls:


Use the Arrows to movement

Z key to- melee

X key shoot

Press Space to switch Weapons

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