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Rating: 0.3% 1 votes is a fantastic multiplayer .io game at juego friv 4. Move around a vast arena and your mission is to be the best player in the game. Therefore, you must get many points and kill other players. The more points you collect the bigger your character will become, giving you an obvious advantage, when fighting another player. Destroy other players using your deadly flail! Learn how to whirl! Much fun!


In frib co, you have to swing your flail and attempt to hit the other players. Booms io is a multiplayer 2D io battle. In the game, collecting color dots to improve your weapon. Throw it to defeat enemies! If you score a hit, you will damage them, and eventually kill them. You can increase the size of your flail, by collecting food particles that are scattered in the Gladiator Arena, smash brutes and have fun! Watch out however as you can get hit too and eventually if you take too much damage you will be killed!


Can you dominate the  Gladiator arena and reign as the top Dooms player in Talk to buddies about the game. Assess the game highly and send reviews to us. Discover similar .io games such as Face

Game controls:


Use your mouse to control the character's movement

The left click or press spacebar to throw the ball

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