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Rating: 0.6% 2 votes is an epic spaceship battle game at friv games. In the game, you have to control your very own spaceship and fight against other craft in outer space! Collecting the red crystals so you can shoot. One red crystal = one shot. Destroy the ships of other players. Become the lord of the galaxy. Enjoy!


On juegos online oyunlar, your spaceship is equipped with an immense. However, your laser is powered by crystals and you only have a limited supply. Deadly laser that can cut through the other spaceships and meteors in an instant. Move through space. Collecting additional crystals. Keep your laser powered and to allow you to fight the other players. 


In addition, you can use the crystals to boost your speed and hone in on your enemies, or make a quick escape. Beware of Asteroids! Your ship will explode if it crashes into it. Tips: Play the game in full screen mode. Can you conquer space? Visit Jump into Stba.Io



◉ Cool .io game with a space theme

◉ Fuel system that requires you to have enough crystal to shoot and boost speed

◉ Mini-map to see the locations of objects and other players

◉ Simple gameplay

◉ Suitable for all ages

Game controls:


The left click to fire laser

Press Spacebar to boost speed

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