Cap Boy Run

Cap Boy Run

Date added: 15/03/2019

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The little boy in a cap is waiting for you to join Cap Boy Run free game with him so that both of you can have fun! This is a simple running game with an easy rule from Friv kid game. With such basic gameplay, we guarantee that even the small kids can enjoy playing it.

You will emerge in the colorful garden with snails, butterflies, birds while collecting diamonds! The little boy is running, but there will be some animals or rocks along the way. Can you help him avoid everything in his path? Also, he needs to jump at the right time to gain all the scattered diamonds. It's crucial to jump over the obstacles because if you fail to do so, he will trip.

Plenty of levels are available in this game in, so all you need to do is to start right now! At the beginning of the game, the speed will quite slow. You can take this time to get used to the pattern and the obstacles showing up. Then, the speed will increase as you reach the higher levels so keep out for more challenges.

Our game keeps track of your record for every round. You can check the amount of money you earned and the number of flags that you passed at the end of your turn. Enjoy the fun and relaxing music as the background when you successfully jump through the little flies or the hard rocks! Come and play with other incredibly cute games like Treze Basket and Treze Basket too!

Game controls:

Click or tap on the screen to jump up.

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