Color Stars

Color Stars

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Welcome to the lovely color world of Color Stars at Friv game for kids! When you play this game, you will have the opportunity to explore the hilarious color world and train many necesarry skills in life. This can also be considered an educational game that can help children recognize colors and improve their response speed. So, you can rest assured that the game not only helps children relax but also brings many intellectual benefits for them.


The game will also contribute to improving their speed and responsiveness in unexpected situations. Inspired by the planets in the earth like the moon, the sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and so on, this game at Friv4 also helps children improve their knowledge of the universe and the galaxies. Here, you will see a circle with many different colored balls. However, only one ball moves and the other balls is fixed. Your task is to change the color of the moving ball which is similar to the color of the fixed ball forward.


This will help the moving ball to break the fixed ball and continue moving forward. In particular, the colors of the balls will change constantly, so you have to hit the moving ball continuously until it changes to colors that are similar to the other balls. Note that, the speed of the ball will also increase significantly after each level at Girls friv game.


So, you have to look very fast and hit the correct color. Play more with other games like Mini Muncher and Space Cord at

Game controls:

Controls: Play the game with the mouse.

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