Connect Lines

Connect Lines

Date added: 27/06/2018

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Connect Lines is nothing short of a typical puzzle game. In the game, you will play with lines and curves. They are one unity originally, however, they are taken apart and your duty is connecting them. Take advantage of brainpower to match parts. Prove you are a player of great intelligence at friv 4 game.


Connect Lines free games is not a rocket science to understand the rules of the game. The game has a series of levels and you pass all levels to become the winner. You play them one by one. Don't forget, the crucial task in the game at fiv online is to connect pipes and valves. You move pipes and valves in such way that they connect with each other. Pipes are straight while valves are bent. When you click on applications, they revolve. Match them together to link them and unite them into a combination.


You have one point when you finish one level. Earn more scores and break your record. In addition, don’t suffer the time pressure, so don’t worry and don’t be in a rush. Think carefully when move the pipes and valves. Go to Comment and evaluate on this puzzle game  by giving stars. Share with friends to play together. Seek games namely Rhomb

Game controls:


Use your mouse to play.

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