Doge Miner

Doge Miner

Date added: 13/04/2018

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Doge Miner at friv 4 game is an awesome incremental game featuring our favorite dog. It is an idle game! Who let the dogs out? Oh wait! The memes are here to help you to mine loads of dogecoins to get an enormous empire! Aim is to click your way to the moon.


Mine dogecoins, start clicking the Shiba Inu dog to earn the first cash. Why do dogs need money? Well that's is easy, they just want to land on the moon. Once you build up enough capital, you can hire more miners and buy upgrades to mine faster and faster. Now, have fun with this funim. Te-wasting Cookie Clicker clone DogeMiner at friv online Games! Don't let your friends beat you. 


There is no end to the game. So you can keep playing to your hearts content or until you mine so many dogecoins. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of it. To using time portals and flying through space on donuts and drilling into the moon to earn millions of coins per second, you'll go from swinging a wooden pickaxe for single coins!


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Game controls:

Controls: Mouse

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