Empire: Millennium Wars

Empire: Millennium Wars

Date added: 12/03/2018

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Welcome to Empire: Millennium Wars at Friv 4 games ! - A fascinating online strategy game that is all about taking you name to the top by all means necessary. Contemplate to build a new empire on Mars - A upper rare resource found on planet Mars called Millennium. The goal of during game is to mine the red planet for resources, build up an economy and invest in new weapons to keep intruders. Warring neighbours at bay! Have try!


Who will dominate the Millennium mining? In the long run control the Mars Trade Federation with their corporate empire? Competition with other corporations to dominate the mining industry on Mars. Use any means necessary to keep your rivals and ultimately rule the Mars Trade Federation! Much fun with Empire: Millennium Wars at Games on friv!


It’s the new gold rush in space! In addition to Earth corporations flocking to Mars in a bid to get the biggest share of the pie in the lucrative Millennium mining frenzy. With exclusive contracts and corporate warfare turns ruthlessly violent to sabotage and eliminate competition. 


How to play? Use mouse to play this game. 

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