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Face Punch.io

Date added: 10/05/2018

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Face Punch.io is a new smash hit io game at friv com Games play. Step onto the ring to knock out all champions with fierce face punches and combos to knock out others. Become a challenger boxer now! Experience in .IO game universe! 


In this friv 4 io game, you easy controls! Pow ... ! Bam ... ! Smash ... ! Knockout ...! Can you become the champion fighter of the boxing io game stage? Join the marvelous fighting club of facepunch.io boxing cirque to use your brutal fighter punches and quick reflexes to attack others! Smash everyone with your hits. In the world of fighting, make combos to knockout with only one button!


Moving around the ring and collect blobs to gain experience and to fill your level bar. When the bar is full your character will progress to the next level and gain extra health points! If you are the reigning champion of the ring, you can unleash a deadly special attack and does mass damage. 


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Game controls:


Use the mouse to change the character's movement direction

The left click or space bar to punch

The right click to use special skill

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