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Welcome to game at friv 4 school - A fun multiplayer game of survival in which you control a small fly. You start as a little fly and will evolve till the big and become a fly and survive or die! Your mission is to eat, get points, level up and evolve into more developed creature. Attempt only not to be eaten. Enjoy!


Put your name and start the game. game at kids friv is a game in which the rules change as you evolve and get a new animal. You have to search for food and attempt to survive in the wild against other players and animals. You need to explore both the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the game, wherever you go try to find source of water first. 


There're 3 groups of creatures: insects, little birds and big birds such as falcon for example. Actually, eatable animals are glowing green. The ones glowing red can eat you. Other players are neutral and you can't attack them. After evolving into a new animal try to remember biology lessons. For instance in case, butterfly should look for flowers, the flies for anything that smells such as shit. Don't forget to fulfill the level of water.


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◉ .io game in which you can become an animal and evolve yourself by eating enough preys

◉ Different preys and predators in each stage of animal

◉ Side-scrolling view with various objects

◉ You can fly high to space and go deep in the underground

Game controls:


Use the WASD key to move around

Click of the left button to fly

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