Gold Miner Jack

Gold Miner Jack

Date added: 16/05/2018

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Gold Miner Jack game is an interesting and exciting gold digger game in the world! In this game at friv2018, you take control an old man. Your mission is in the given time, to help him to dig up gold and pass each level. How many levels can you pass? It all depends on your skill and ability to interact. Enoy!


Jump into this game at friv com Games play. Tackle tons of gold hidden under the ground. Become the richest billionaire in the world now! The game is divided into different levels and difficulty leveling up after each level. On each level, you will have a specific time limit and during that time, the amount of money earned. The difficulty level of each level will be increased significantly with the goal of increasing and reducing time.  If you have completed two criteria of time and goal in the game, you can only pass each level.


You have to carefully watch and control tool carefully and accurately to collect more gold underground. In additions, you shall also encounter many difficulties and challenges during the gold digging as gold will be hidden at the bottom with rocks, bones, animals and other obstacles. Take advantage of the opportunity to collect diamonds and make the most money possible and use that money to buy support tools and conquer all levels. 


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Game controls:

Instructions: Use your mouse or any key on the keyboard to collect gold.

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