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Welcome to free game is one of the most interesting games where you can choose from various kinds of knights and players. Join the battle in at best friv Games and play the game with your favorite weapons. Defeat the other players and win the game. Take down on bigger players by cooperating with the smaller players.


In this multiplayer battle game at fxiv4, there are two types of powerups in this game, shields and horses. Grab your sword, axe or spear and fight other players! To grow larger and hit harder, you must collect XP - The xp that you collect is also your health. You die when you lose all of your xp. Attack other players to reduce their XP. On the map, there are sheilds and horses scattered that you can use to gain an advantage. To avoid getting killed in one strike, be prepared with shields.


Stay away from bigger players, as they will probably win if you fight them alone. Attack players that are about your size or smaller. Take down bigger players - by cooperating with other small players. Players that are really big will also give you a powerful bounce when you run in to them so it is convenient to have a horse in order to ride back within striking distance faster.


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Game controls:


Use the mouse to steer.

Press mouse or Space to attack.

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