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Hole.io free games at friov is the online arcade game in which you control a black hole  but capable of consuming everything on its path. You have to travel around the city absorbing everything in your path. In this game, you will move freely across a lively metropolis and you can swallow cars, humans, fences, street lights and even multi-storey buildings. Much fun!


Here at friv.com 2, you are racing against the time limit and other players in this game as the more that you absorb, and the larger your hole gets the more points you will have obtained. Although in the beginning your abilities are modest and you will have to start by eating all sorts of small stuff. Each round is two minutes long, during that time you will need to build maximum mass. Have fun!


Start your in-game feast with small objects and gradually move on to buildings. Check out the collection at http://www.friv4school.games/. Introduce this game to besties and explore games like Moomoo.io and Gotia.io

Game controls:


You use mouse to move the black hole.

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