Lego Speed Champions

Lego Speed Champions

Date added: 23/04/2018

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Become one of the Lego Speed Champions at friv info when you race around the lego tracks trying to finish first in every race you participle. Drive from one of many LEGO cars; drift from corners to corners and overtake your opponents as much as you can. Compete in the lightening-fast world of global racing.


Jump into the sports car of your dreams. Put the pedal to the metal, speed past your opponents. In the game at the friv, designed with the unique LEGO block style. Each race car is based on world-famous designs from Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren and others to craft a beautiful. Collect stars, studs and trophies to unlock abilities.


Make sure to 'Sign in' with your personal Lego ID. Challenge your friends to an exciting race or to climb up the global leader boards in your fastest car to become number one on the podium! Every track has 3 different challenges each time ( meaning that no two races will ever be the same in the LEGO world). Keep a close eye on the track as you will never know what is just around the bend.


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Game controls:


Your car will accelerate automatically and you only need to steer the wheel. Use A/D key or the left/right Arrows to turn left or right.

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