Maze Runner 3d Cards Hunt 2018

Maze Runner 3d Cards Hunt 2018

Date added: 28/06/2018

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Are you a person who loves puzzle games? Are you confident about your intelligence and logical thinking? Great!  Don’t miss any chance to explore Maze Runner 3d Cards Hunt 2018 game at friv com Games play. Deal will all puzzles in the maze. Time has started! This is a great opportunity for you! 


The game is a perfect combination of puzzle games and action games. Imagine that you get lost in a maze no exit in a large area and you really feel scared and tired to find all the way out in this maze. In the game at friv the game, to solve puzzles, you must have an intelligence and fast interactive skills. A race of intelligence is started in Maze Runner 3d Cards Hunt 2018free game online. 


Your mission is to find enough red cards in the maze for a fixed time. You only have a certain amount of time. Therefore, you must move quickly and find out the full amount of red cards. However, you don’t know the location of the red cards in the labyrinth to determine the exact direction of movement and this will make you waste time and effort to search in a large area. You will not get any help. You can only see your location on a small map on the screen. Attempt to move wisely and quickly in the maze to heart out all the red cards before the time runs out. 


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Game controls:

How to play?

Use the WASD to control character. 

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