Mine Clone 3

Mine Clone 3

Date added: 20/03/2018

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Mine Clone 3 is the third installment of the fun Minecraft clone at www friv 4 school .com. Following the success of the previous versions, this is a remarkable improvement with new and exciting features. You have the freedom to shape your own Minecraft-style world. Just define your rules. Start the game. 


Choose the game mode; map size, the day length and type of world you want to play in. Enemies will appear everywhere. During game at friv for school game, your goals is to survive by yourself in a world full of creepy enemies, where the nights can become your worst nightmares. There are plenty of resources that you can mine from dirt to lava. You can explore the underground area. Anything is possible in here. Just use your imagination and realize it!


Collect precious resources to build and increase your strength in each battle. If you have a lot of money and fuel, you can build the structures and rearrange the areas like you want it to be. Explore the new land. Destroy the enemies who prevent you to develop new kingdoms and build structures in the area.


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☆ Minecraft-inspired gameplay

☆ Graphics to create your own dream world

☆ Customizable settings like terrain type and the day length

☆ Generated world based on your settings

☆ Plenty of materials to mine and use

☆ Game mode: Roguelike 

Game controls:


  • Use WASD or Arrows  to control the player's movement
  • The left click to destroy an object
  • The right click to place an object
  • P key to open the menu
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