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Rating: 0.5% 2 votes is a survival shooter game at oyunlar 1000 games. Your main goals of is to survive (means to be the only one who left alive). In the game, you must fight in a multiplayer arena. Collect weapons, ammo, aid kits and also use boost power up when required. Attempt to be the last man standing. Enjoy!


Here at org friv, you start with absolutely nothing. So, you have to move around the large map and look for weapons and items to pick up and use to fight with. There are hundreds of weapons scattered on the ground. You can cycle through them by using the mouse wheel. For each enemy you kill, you will gain additional bonuseslike health regeneration and increased speed. 


Be wary! The arena continually shrinks so you will eventually be pushed together unwillingly against your enemies! Don't forget there will be only one survivor from the battle. Can you survive as the last man standing? Beside, at the left top corner, you'll see how many players already killed and how many stays alive; also there's a minimap. 


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◉ Battle Royale gameplay with constantly closing-in toxic area

◉ Many weapons that you can use, such as flamethrower and shotgun

◉ Bushes to hide

◉ Random power-ups that you can pick-up

◉ Changeable character's skin

Game controls:


The left click or space bar to shoot

The right click to run

Mouse scroll or Q key to switch weapon

W key to run

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