Money Movers 2

Money Movers 2

Date added: 28/06/2018

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Money Movers, our favorite puzzle is back! Money Movers 2 is the second installment in this puzzle game series that you can play on friv 4 game. At the end of first game, the criminals have escaped so now in this sequel, The 2 brothers are trying to save their father by breaking in. Complete each level, by reaching the exit using switches, lasers, moving platforms and so on. Can you help them?


In the second game, the security system has been updated and you will find out that the level are now trickier and more challenging to traverse, and find the appearance of automatic firearms, double camera systems, tougher jail keepers ... and you must know how to use the basketballs to be able to find a way out.


In Money Movers 2 at friv kids Games, there are 20 levels. You can take 60 money bags including 3 money bags each level. Attempt to grab all the money bags on the way. You need 60 money bags to open the special level - 'Bonus Level'.


There are also other games in the series for you to play such as The Last Survivors at Assess this game and make remarks.

Game controls:

How To Play

Small brother controls

Use the AD to move

W key to jump

Big brother controls

Use the left and right arrow to move

Up arrow to jump

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