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Moomoo io is a new game at friv school Games. It similar to Starve io, this multiplayer game gives you the chance to build a massive village since your main mission is to collect resources found all over the map such as wood, stone, food etc; earn gold and build settlement and defend it from other players. Have a great time!


In the Moomoo io, Gold means score. You can get gold either mining it from gold mines or building wind mills and each wind mill gives you one gold per unit of time. Advanced windmill gives 2 gold. Defeated player gives 10% of his gold at the moment of death. You've got to defend your wind mills from other players, by building walls, spikes and other constructions to keep them safe. Especially of Moo moo io is no day/night change and no need to care about level of food/water and whatever.


In the game at, as soon as, you reach level 2, you need to choose one of 2 options: get an updated hatchet or a sword. While sword delivers more damage to opponents and has longer attack range, great ax lets you get 2 units of resources per hit. You have got to choose your role: farmer/ builder or invader/warrior. Upgrades will give you new weapons and buildings. 


Try to play from We welcome all your comments and rating. Share it with buddies to invite them to play with you.

Game controls:


Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

{1-9} keys or left click to select item/ building

Left click or press space to gather resource/hit other player

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