Nazi Zombie Army

Nazi Zombie Army

Date added: 28/06/2018

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Humans are in danger. A dangerous virus has spread out all over the world and turned humans into zombies. Survivors must fight against the zombies to save their own life. You are one of them and you must turn you into a zombie killer or let them turn you into a living dead. Nazi Zombie Army is an awesome mixture of a zombie horror game and FPS game in which you have to shoot down all zombies approaching you to save your life first and save the world later.


At friv, you are attacked by countless zombies and your objective is to kill all of them. In the beginning, you are equipped with a shotgun. You use it to defeat the foes and earn money. Then, you can buy other weapons which are better and more powerful. Watch out your back and look down at the ground because nazi dog zombies will appear suddenly and attack you. Experience the real zombie war in great visual effects and background music.


This friv 2 player game is perfect for fans of horror and shooting games. Let’s enjoy and see how long can you survive. Complete all achievements, get the best score and rank up in the global leaderboard.


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Game controls:

How to play:

Use WASD/ZQSD/ arrow keys to move

Use left mouse to aim and shoot

Right mouse to zoom;

1, 2, 3… to choose weapons;

Spacebar to jump;

Left Shift to run;

Left Alt to crouch;

X to prone;

P to pause

E to use items.

Exit Fullscreen