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Inspired by the popular game Robot Unicorn Attack, Nyanicorn is a funny platform game at friv for school. This Nyan cat is too hungry and that is why it has decided to search food. Your task is to help it fly across this magical land, perform double jumps. Don't forget to collect the items you find along the way.


Did you miss the Nyan cat? The path chose by it is full of dangers and it have to jump properly as there are many gaps on this route. The Nyan Cat need to eat the candy and cakes and fly across the magical land. Note: Nyan Cat don't like veggies. So try to avoid them! If it falls down then it will die immediately. You must ensure the safety of this cute character. Assist it to gather some food as well. 


In addition, be careful as you only have three lives before you have to start all over again. Therefore at Friv 4 kids, use the platforms to advantage and get big air as they create ramps. See the Nyan cat fly through the air with that iconic rainbow trail making sure you use the dash ability to land safely. Try to get as many scores as possible!


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Game controls:


Z key to jump     

Press twice (Zx2) - Double Jump    

X key to speed

Z to start next Nyan

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