Offroad Prado Mountain Hill Climbing

Offroad Prado Mountain Hill Climbing

Date added: 24/04/2018

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Offroad Prado Mountain Hill Climbing is a superb driving game at friv 34. During the games, take a furious ride out of the repaired city roads and the aim is simple, you have to attempt to drive your vehicle and reach the end destination. Show off your off-road racing skills. 


In this game at friv menu start, you go to the mountains, there are many turns one after another. The game has variable weather, be prepared because it can slip very much, so drive carefully. The game has several levels of different difficulty, and you can ride during day and night and in any weather. 


Asides, you will traverse dangerous mountain paths with huge drops, bumpy dirt tracks and myriad of other natural obstacles. In addition, you will be confronted with some truly awful weather and conditions that make driving virtually impossible! Can you complete every level and show off your skills in these offroad races? 


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✔ Extreme weather condition

✔ Tricky mountain hill paths

✔ 6 level to play with day and night options

✔ Limited fuel to use

Game controls:


Use WASD or Arrows to drive

Press Spacebar to use handbrake

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