Penalty Challenge

Penalty Challenge

Date added: 15/05/2018

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Penalty Challenge is a really absorbing game. Kick balls to score goals. In the game, you are commanding a football team. If you play as a goalkeeper, you have to catch balls. You manage to be the champion. Why don’t you start the competition right now? Penalty Challenge game of friv for school for kids eases players. 


There are 10 matches. You select your favorite team to begin the first match. Choose a national team from Russia, Japan, Iran, Brazil, Germany, England, Croatia, Spain, Nigeria, Iceland, France, Portugal, Uruguay, Morocco, Tunisia, Switzerland &c. There are many teams in the world. You win the first match to unlock the level 2. 


You must make 5 goals. You face the goalkeeper of the opposing game. By get the ball into the opposing goal, choose the right direction and regulate the strength. You and the competitors take turns to kick the ball: You kick the first penalty, then the opponent kicks their first penalty. If opposing players kick the ball, you will become the goalkeeper. Attempt to catch the ball. 


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Game controls:


Use your  mouse to play.

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