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Have you ever ... Have you ever ... wondered what the life of a salmon would be like? is a unique io multiplayer platform game with cool sea-based gameplay at Friv4 kids and you will get the chance to live the life of one of this beautiful living beings. In this title you control a salmon that is swimming in the sea and your goal is to reach as far as possible collecting little stars to grow and jumping really high to get to the next zone. Can you conquer the seas?


Don’t get in contact with those dreadful bears and eagles. With at Friv games for school, you must jump over the bears. Watch out for their powerful paws as they swipe at you! If no you are dead. You must help the salmon grow in size and reach the goal area. You are competing against many other salmon and controlled by human players. Try the highest score and reach the finish line in the quickest time. Outsmart the predators and reign as the fastest and most powerful salmon. Try to be the biggest fish! 


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--- Very fun and challenging platformer game featuring a salmon

--- Different platform models that require perfect-timing jumps

--- Predators: What these struggling

Game controls:


Hold the left mouse button to jump.

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