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Scalak is a puzzle game at game friv online. In the game, you mission is to effectively fill in all of the white space on each square by matching the right pieces in the right position. There is only one correct result so think carefully about how you move each piece! As you progress the levels become increasingly difficult and you must match more complex shapes. Can you complete every level?


Early on, you just need to fill in the white space by dragging shapes to it. If you make a mistake, press and hold on a piece and then click the 'X' to remove it. Especially, during the game at play Games friv, central pieces can sometimes be rotated, however, the pieces surrounding it can’t be changed, so you need to rotate the central piece so that the surrounding pieces can fit.


In addition, take your time with each puzzle. Here, there are no penalties for taking too long or making a mistake. Therefore, just focus on completing the puzzle.If you’re stuck, just restart the level from scratch. Have fun and good luck!


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Game controls:


Use the mouse to move the piece.

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