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Rating: 0.7% 3 votes is an epic multiplayer io game at friv for kids Games. In the game, you must fight against hundreds of other players from around the world for your very survival, and your main goal is to complete tasks one by one. If the quest task is completed, you'll receive a new level and new task. Good luck!


Zone is a post-apocalyptic place where you either play on your own or team with others. Try to seize the maximum territory of the Zone. In the game at friv4online, you see a task at the top left corner: items you've got to bring from Zone to sell them to Merchant. As a result, you'll some money for sold items and get a new level. 


On the map, items you've got to bring are contained in boxes, trash and other objects; destroy an object and collect the dropped items. Note: The icons of bag in the bottom right corner: The number near indicates the number of items you can carry right now → Click on item with right button to drop object → Grab item with E button.


At home you're safe, when the bag is full hurry to get back home → You can't shoot or somehow hurt others. In Zone, sometimes you may find a gold chest. Try to go there as fast as possible, because it contains a lot of cool stuff and looks like this.


Make remarks on this IO game. Assess it with 5 stars. Talk to companions about it and try at Much time!



☆ Take a role of a scavenger with a mission to scavenge various things & become the strongest

☆ Top-down view

☆ Big area to explore

☆ Fun and challenging gameplay

Game controls:


  • WASD - Move
  • The left click - Attack
  • Shift - Run
  • Q key -  Open map
  • E key - Interact
  • C key - Enter stealth mode
  • T key - Chat
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