Ski Ninja

Ski Ninja

Date added: 17/05/2018

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Ski Ninja is a realistic snowboarding game at friv games online for free. You are on the road covered by snow. The obstacles are many big rocks which are sporadic on the road. They have the same color with the snow. So sometimes, you find it’s difficult for you to see. Be careful with slopes, as the rock can appear behind them. You must use your ski board to go through the way safely.


The game has 4 adorable ninja characters for you to choose: the Earth Ninja who is free for you to select. Fire Ninja which costs 1000 coins. Sky Ninja whose price is 3000. Water Ninja who is unlocked with 4000 coins. There are various gold coins on the glebe. Collect many of them. You can use them to attempt on new characters. Beside at free friv Games, you can see the magnet whose power can help you grab the coins around you automatically (the “X” symbol power-ups which can take multiplier to double the coins while grabbing). You must also face many harmful objects such as ducks, weather and several obstacles to reach your goal and land in the right place.


Be careful to control your speed around the rocks. Your final score is the sum of the score from coins and the bonus score. Don’t hesitate to assess the game and try out more similar games at such as Penguin Climbing

Game controls:


Use the AD or the left and right arrow to move

Hold Space bar to jump

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