Soccer Blazt

Soccer Blazt

Date added: 12/03/2019

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The soccer fans can now enjoy a new type of virtual soccer games with Soccer Blazt! This is an interesting football game with a diversity of characters and modes from Friv sports games. The game comes with so many types of game modes for you to pick from. You can choose to play against the CPU, play with your friends or compete in the league.

Just like an ordinary soccer game in real life, the goal of this game is making a great strategy against your opponent and win the match. Soccer is always a game for teamwork, so make sure to cooperate with your teammates to dominate the field. First, choose one of the stadiums from the collection at as the location for the match. Do you want to run on Atlas Stadium, Grand Stadium or Greenline Stadium?

Then, check the statistics of HP, power, and speed of each character to know the strengths and weaknesses before choosing the first member of the team. Get scores by making goals to the opponent's area. If you defeat the opponent, you will be rewarded with 1 score. Moreover, completing the campaign mode will allow you to unlock brand new characters.

You can add these characters to your team to strengthen the teamwork and capability. If you want to practice more with other sports games, try out Garden Tales and Archery King Onlinelater!

Game controls:

Player 1: move with W and S, kick with H and run with G 

Player 2: move with up and down arrows, kick with K and run with L

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