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Rating: 0.7% 2 votes is one of the best online multiplayer games at juegos friv todos los juegos. Take to the battle field with a large selection of powerful units. You can level up and upgrade based on the kills that you get. In this game,your main goal is to stay alive as much as possible so that you can level up. Attempt to stay alive as long as possible so you can level up. If you love, you can play with your friends and family. 


Before you start fighting at friv school, you will choose from a range of different warships like a roller, a javelin, a silencer and a manta. Each unit has different statistics and weaponry. Also, you can increase your count of killing to unlock more advanced units such as the Harpy and Gladiator, or even kill more people to unlock various super units like the enormous flying battleship and the Ion Cannon! All the teams would start with a limited number of supplies. Whenever you kill an enemy unit, there would be a new enemy unit in its place and the supply ticker for the enemy team would automatically dip down.


In addition, you need to switch to more powerful units, if you’ve reached a high enough kill count. Always keep track of the all the command centres health ( by looking at the bars in the top middle of the screen). If your teams supply gets depleted, you will again get back to the command centre and defend the same. Enjoy!


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Game controls:


Use the WASD keys or the mouse cursor to Movement

The number keys to Abilities

The leftand the right mouse to fire

The mouse wheel to Zoom

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