Strike Squad

Strike Squad

Date added: 26/03/2018

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Like the later X-Com, Strike Squad is a squad-based tactical strategy game at friv4school 2018. This is the sequel to Mindcraft's Tegel's Mercenaries. During a game, you need to reload your weapon and get ready to shoot some enemies as they come at you from all sides or find them hiding in rooms! Don't forget to collect coins to unlock guns you like. Good luck!


K'Kistiks - The Consortum is falling prey to an alien race of insects. Move from planet to planet and dry their resources. Berok - last planet, remains for the Consortum resistence. It's distress beacons have been dispatched to call for aid and your pick of either real-time or turn-based. In the attempt to gather mercenaries from around the universe toward their cause. Here in friv for kids Games, more varied missions, and a better interface.


The game features a 2-player: Split-screen mode and the players can either play as allies or enemies and some management elements also. You get to purchase weapons and tools from dealers.


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☆ Easy to customize: Using construct 2, no coding knowledge required

☆ Addictive Gameplay

☆ Ready for export to Android and IOS devices along with desktop browsers

☆ Ready for quick Admob integration

☆ Full HD 1080×1920 graphics

Game controls:

Controls: Mouse/ Touch

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