Tank Arena

Tank Arena

Date added: 11/05/2018

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Tank Arena is an online HTML5 game at friv kid games. As a pixel tank shooting game. In conflict area, become a tank commander and defeat all enemy tanks. Tank battles carry on as long as you wins with a short break to add more enemies for the next battle. Have a good time!


Tank Arena will bring you many exciting and unforgettable experiences. This game is not easy! You have to face many tank enemies and need to shoot them. Don't be afraid! You are born to be the hero. In the game at play friv games now, you select from many different tanks, helicopters or airplanes. This game has 4 modes for you: Deathmatch, Race, Capture the flag and Cooperative play. There are numerous missions to play when your friends are gone. Good luck! 


We are really grateful for receiving your recurrent. If you are dependence to our games, rate it highly and share the game with close friends to have fun together. Find other awesome games such as Pixel Toonfare 3D at http://www.friv4school.games/



◉ A total of 23 tanks/ choppers/ planes.

◉ You can control seven of them, the remaining ones are computer controlled.

◉ Switch to any tank any time 

◉ 12 different weapons (defensive and offensive).

◉ 4 totally different worlds.

◉ Night missions in each of them.

◉ The complete map editor.

◉ Joystick support, up to 2 joysticks.

Game controls:


Use WASD to move 

The mouse to shoot 

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