The Lost Planet Tower Defense

The Lost Planet Tower Defense

Date added: 16/04/2018

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The Lost Planet Tower Defense is a fantastic tower defense game at fxiv4. You are travelling across the galaxy to discover new and exciting lands. Challenges veteran players by using a huge variety of powers and abilities to vanquish wave. Travel through lush the lost planet, and  you must explore this mysterious planet, predator, skeletons, monster and more ... 


Once a DOB5 spacecraft was committed to undertake a task to an alien planet. But the spacecraft got problems, on the way, it had to do the crash landing on a 'no-name' planet. You can protect your base using a variety of different defensive towers. Each tower has a different function and is effective against different types of unit. In the game at friv 4 school games unblocked, choose your towers carefully. Try to create a balanced arsenal. Your job is to keep those who are going for it. In safety, keep that in mind! Collect all the debris pieces and defense all the monsters attack. 


Each tower can be upgraded to improve its damage and range. Once you progress, you can be collect batteries and used to purchase upgrades. Unlock new regions of the planet to explore. Conquer this new planet. Can you defend your colony successfully?


Notice: Try to upgrade your need skills first, and the fast mode need you control. Check out High Moon Hunter. Visit Introduce this game to friends and assess it. Don’t forget to leave reviews on website. Good luck!

Game controls:


Use left mouse button to play.

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