Tiny Town

Tiny Town

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Tiny Town game at friv 4 school Games for kids will bring you a new and exciting world. Here you will be president and you can do everything you love. Imagine that you don’t have to go to work, don’t need to make money. Instead, you can enjoy all delicious dishes and travel around the world. This sounds great, right?


Join this exciting game and build a great world as your dream. Here you are the president and you have the right to make any decision in the city. To build and develop a city, you need to build structures, houses, schools, factories, hospitals or farms. You need to build housing for workers, hospitals for medical treatment and recreation for everyone.


On farms, you need to control workers to produce food and fruits to ensure food supply in the city. Then, you need to develop and motivate the factories to produce products and supplies that can meet the needs of citizens in the city at friv gams for school. Next, you need to build schools and hospitals to improve the quality of life for the people. Try your best to make a lot of money, build more buildings and develop the city. After your city has developed, you also need to consider the needs of the citizens.


Don’t forget to build amusement parks, movie theaters, parks and coffee shops for city citizens. Are you ready to run your city? Many great experiences are waiting for you ahead! Besides, you also can play more with some related games like Empire: Millennium Wars at http://www.friv4school.games 

Game controls:

Controls: Use the mouse to build and run the city in the game.

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