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Are you interested in microscopic world? If so, than we have here this new .IO game for you. complements the well-known game world of With new features like preserving the mass after the defeat, viewing the entire gaming arena, a teleport star that allows attacking large players, non-standard movement mechanics and your main mission in is to become the leader of the card by the number of people recruited. 


For this at friv io game, you must collect points of mass that lie on the field and they will mass out of your cells, throwing it away to the side with slices of 10 masses. Always larger cells eat smaller cells. In the game, if you divide it into 2 equal halves, then they will move faster and you can share more to increase your speed, but after a while all the pieces will merge again into one large cage. Enjoy!


When you feel you are large enough, you can attempt to take on other players and try to consume their cells. Especially, you can also split your own cell down into smaller pieces to collect more cells, but this will leave you vulnerable to attack! Can you be dominate the Tolxy io?


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Game controls:


Use the mouse to control the circle

The left click or space bar to split

The right click or W key to eject

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