Treze Basket

Treze Basket

Date added: 12/03/2019

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It's all about the perfect momentum and perfect direction to score a slam dunk. Learn about the physics behind the best shots in this basketball game from Friv 4: Treze Basket! It is so easy to play with simple rules and gameplay. This game doesn't have any level but you will play endlessly until you get bored with it! For each turn, there will be a block which is used as a platform for the ball to bounce up the basket.

Your goal is to make sure that the ball enters the basket with enough force. As the platforms are placed at different positions, you also need to calculate and use the appropriate directions as well. A round consists of 14 balls in total. The score used for ranking will be the score you earn with these 14 balls, therefore, try your best and don't waste any trial.

With this game at, you can learn how to make a perfect slam dunk and have fun without actually having to go to the court. Keep in mind that the higher you drop the ball, the more bouncy it becomes. Also, the angle of the shot also matters as it determines the path of the ball. The game is physics-based with such a simple yet addictive gameplay and it's available on both PC and Mobile. Let's play the game now! More sports games that you can check out for free are Ruin or Willow Pond Fishing .

Game controls:

Touch or click on the screen, drag and release to throw the ball.

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