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Trim FRVR is a fun and challenging matching game at for school. In the game, your mission is to join a series of blocks of colors to eliminate them and prevent the screen from filling up completely. The action never stops in this chaotic. If you're looking for healthy and challenging entertainment, a little bit of Tetris and a bit of Match-3 make the perfect combination. How long can you keep up with all of these rapidly accumulating bricks? 


This game has similarities to Tetris. But Trim FRVR game at friv 200 games uses more elements of match three gameplay, such as you must simply match together single colored blocks as opposed to pre-defined block shapes.


We prepare you a numerous number of blocks with the different colors, like: Red, blue, pink, purple and so on and so on and they appear from the bottom of the table line by line. You must remove as many blocks as possible to gain as many points as possible by clicking on a group of squares which have the same color and they disappear immediately. Don't forget you must avoid the block touching the top of the screen, or you lose the game immediately. Can you complete every level? 


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◉ Match at least 2 blocks with the same color

◉ Fast-paced gameplay

◉ Powerups to spawn by trimming blocks in a line or square

Game controls:


Click left to trim the blocks.

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