Type N’ Conquer

Type N’ Conquer

Date added: 27/04/2018

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Type N’ Conquer is a fun multiplayer game at friv free online games 250. In the game, test your skills in the ability to quickly write, or type on the keyboard. You have to type very quickly to grab territory. On the game board, you will see hexagons with words and you must quickly write the right word and this territory will be your, and you can score points. Enjoy with your friends!


During the game at free friv 4 school, you start on a single node. Try to move around the playing field to conquer as much of the map as possible. For each correctly written word, you will get points. To move to a new node, you have to quickly type in the contained word. When you have typed the word correctly, you can then move across to the new node.


This game is all about speed and accuracy. You must be a quick typist, but also be accurate. Aattention to detail. If you encounter another the player, you have to try and type the word quicker than them in order to beat them to the node. How long can you survive in this awesome typing game?


This is an unusual .IO game, but quite interesting and developing typing skills. Play Text Twist 2 and Jumbled.io at http://www.friv4school.games/. Much time!



◉ A cool combination of .io and typing game

◉ Meme characters

◉ 2 language options to play: English and Russian

◉ Scrollable map's zoom level

Game controls:


Use keyboard to type

Use Arrows to move between nodes

Mouse scroll to zoom-in/ out

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